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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Zodiac Love Compatibility - LIBRA

Zodiac Love Compatibility - LIBRA
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They’re the peace lovers of the zodiac, and will shy away from conflict at all costs. They are also incurable romantics who love to surround themselves with beauty and culture. Learn to be diplomatic and smother your Libran with affection, and he/she will purr like a cat.

Libra – Aries : These two personalities balance each other out.

Libra – Taurus : Common interests promise pleasurable times.

Libra – Gemini : Love and adoration is the main theme here.

Libra – Cancer : When you’re in each others arms, life is sweet.

Libra – Leo : Together, they’re a showstopper sight!

Libra – Virgo : Love, honor, and harmony can make this match work.

Libra – Libra : Diplomacy and romance shuts out the cruel world.

Libra – Scorpio : Nurturing love lessons soften Scorpio’s heart.

Libra – Sagittarius : Philosophy, networking, having fun – great match!

Libra – Capricorn : Support and challenge through the good and bad.

Libra – Aquarius : Creative heaven! Their mind-sync is stimulating.

Libra – Pisces : Wine, roses, music – no shortage of romance.

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