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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Zodiac Love Compatibility - LEO

Zodiac Love Compatibility - LEO
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Leo’s are effervescent and can illuminate a room by simply entering. They have pride in themselves, their homes, and how they look – a love mate has to look stunning on his/her arm. They love to entertain and will generously spoil a lover as well as being a supportive family person.

Leo – Aries : Life is exciting – this is a winning combination!

Leo – Taurus : Home together romantically entwined – enjoyable.

Leo – Gemini : There’s an abundance to be shared and learned.

Leo – Cancer : Their combined skills are complimentary.

Leo – Leo : Mutual appreciation – they worship each other.

Leo – Virgo : Supporting – Leo on center stage, Virgo in the wings.

Leo – Libra : They are breathtaking together – a social pair.

Leo – Scorpio : A tenacious couple – plenty of energy and activity.

Leo – Sagittarius : This is a compatible combo - they fit like a glove.

Leo – Capricorn : Leo loves an audience, and Cap loves power.

Leo – Aquarius : There’s a creative blend that equals brilliance.

Leo – Pisces : The belief they have in each other is empowering.

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