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Friday, September 3, 2010

Zodiac Love Compatibility - TAURUS

Zodiac Love Compatibility - TAURUS
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Taureans like to take love slow. It’s more important for them to secure themselves financially before making commitments to any one else. They also need a love-mate to be their best friend. They’re romantic creatures, and will spoil mr. or mrs. right like a Prince or Princess.

Taurus – Aries : They are equal in status and complimentary.

Taurus – Taurus : Mutual admiration - you love adore each other.

Taurus – Gemini : Gemini, talks and Taurus listens.

Taurus – Cancer : They have lots in coming – a winning formula.

Taurus – Leo : You’ll have fun and spoil each other.

Taurus – Virgo : You can almost read each other’s minds.

Taurus – Libra : Art and culture bring them together.

Taurus – Scorpio : Admiration for each others strengths and qualities.

Taurus – Sagittarius : Sag Optimism and Taurus sensuality lock together.

Taurus – Capricorn : Common values and goals – this is a strong bond.

Taurus – Aquarius : They have a lot to learn form each other.

Taurus – Pisces : These two can romantically hum together.

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